FAA Approved Repair Station #T81R667Y

4048 Senator Street Memphis, TN 38118


About Us

T-Aerospace LLC is a women owned/operated company located in Memphis, Tennessee.  We were established in 2000, with a focus on providing quality cargo systems and structural repairs.  The founders, Sally and Scott Tomlinson, have both spent more than 30 years in the aviation industry.

  • In 2003, T-Aerospace relocated to a larger facility to further accommodate our customer's needs.
  • In 2008, T-Aerospace expanded into composite repairs to meet the ever changing industry demands.
  • In 2013, T-Aerospace implemented a Halon Fire Extinguisher department to meet the customer's needs.
  • In 2016, T-Aerospace is implementing an Accessory repair department to further meet a growing customer base.

Today we are proud to service airlines and the industry around the world with a focus on providing quality Accessory, Cargo, Halon Fire Extinguishers, and structural repair and overhauls.

We passionately serve our customers with the friendly service our industry is based on and believe each customer deserves a lifetime of quality repairs!  T-Aerospace is deeply committed to safety for every passenger including your family and ours!